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The Future Through Thematic Investing: Forecasting Tomorrow's Forecast

The major long-term demographic, societal and technological developments around the world lead us to investments with higher conviction, which in our view is particularly important in volatile markets and the key to successful long term investing.


Our Philosophy & Process

The team believes that a multi-thematic approach enhances the visibility and predictability of underlying businesses, elevating the team’s conviction, which has proven invaluable, particularly in volatile equity markets. Therefore, the team begins by identifying multiple investment themes that are based on powerful, global, secular shifts, in turn leading to businesses with clear long term tailwinds. With themes as a guide, the team then researches targeted businesses by focusing on (i) the uniqueness of the businesses, (ii) the quality of their leadership team, and (iii) the strength of their financial profile and corresponding market valuation, to deliver investors a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 30 long term investments.

This structured and repeatable approach, together with well-defined portfolio guidelines that emphasizes adequate diversification, helps to mitigate investment risk and enhance conviction, which we view as the key to successful long term investing.

Introduction to Global Thematic Equity

In this video, Daniel Paduano and Sherrell Aston introduce the Paduano Group’s unique approach to global thematic equity investing and share three key elements that helps the team in their efforts to manage portfolio risk.



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