Maria Pappas

Portfolio Manager

New York

Years of Industry Experience


Years with Neuberger Berman

Maria Pappas, Managing Director and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager in the Private Asset Management Group. Maria has more than 40 years of investment industry experience, and more than 35 years with Neuberger Berman. In 2007, she joined the Bolton Group at Neuberger Berman where she manages approximately $1.5 billion in fixed income assets including both taxable and tax-exempt strategies.

Previously, Maria was responsible for the oversight and management of approximately $1 billion in fixed income assets. She spearheaded Neuberger Berman’s fixed income trading desk operations, serviced the equity management groups fixed income needs, and processed client commodity orders. She also helped clients by clearing their hedging strategies. She held this role from 1987-2007.

From 1979-1989 Maria was the proprietary fixed income/commodity trader for Neuberger Berman Partners. She managed Neuberger Berman’s first Money Market Fund and under her purview, the Fund was consecutively mentioned in Morning Star’s top ten list.

In the 1990’s Maria collectively worked with the New York Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Treasury, and Neuberger Berman’s IT department in the development and roll out of the Automated Treasury Auction Tender System. Neuberger Berman was the beta site and in the early 2000’s Maria was invited by the U.S. Treasury to speak at the Treasury Auction Forum.

Prior to joining the firm, Maria was employed by Loeb Rhoads (1976-1979) and New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange (1975-1976).